Welcome back. So much has been happening in my life! For one thing, a new book--Enhancing Writing Skills -- Tina Murray

In 2015, I worked as an editor, along with Oluwakemi Elufiede
and Dr. Carrie J. Boden-,McGill, on a non-fiction literary textbook, Enhancing Writing Skills Published by Information Age Publishing, this anthology includes my own contribution, “A Sense of Wonder:  Why Every Creative Writer Needs One.” I encourage you to purchase and read the book if you are an aspiring writer. Contributing authors include Contributing authors include keynote M. M. Buckner, Lisa Aschmann, Candy Paull, Davis M. Harris, Jaden Terrell, George Spain, and Patricia H. Quinlan. Additional contributing writers include Emmanuel Jean Francois, Joseph Ballantyne, Jamie Hughes, Dr. Janet Walsh, and Carissa Barker-Stucky.

All the articles are instructive and well worth your time. They are based upon presentations given at the Carnegie Writers' First Annual Writers' Conference, November 14, 2015, in association with Nashville Community Education. My presentation—actually, a workshop--went extremely well. I was delighted by the response of the 20 attendees. I am developing more Sense-of-Wonder workshops, and I am looking for venues in which to conduct these workshops. If you know of any venues, please contact me at tina@tinamurryauthor.com.

If you are looking for a writers' group, please visit www.carnegiewriters.org. In 2015, we became a non-profit corporation, Carnegie Writers, Inc. Moving into 2016, we are active and growing.  One of our programs is the Carnegie Writers' Group, but we have others.

In addition to my work with the Carnegie Writers, Inc., I served as a panelist at the Killer Nashville Writers' Conference on Halloween weekend. The topic our panel discussed was “Quirks, Flaws, and Redeeming Qualities:  How to Create Realistic, Well-Rounded Characters.” My fellow panelists included Michael Guillebeau (panel leader), Rev. Bob Fry; Jessie Bishop Powell, and S. L. Ellis (not present). I was pleased to be invited to serve on this panel. Our dscussion was audio-recorded for posterity, by the way. Also at KN, I learned about a fascinating literary journal, China Grove Press, from editor Scott Anderson, for whose interest and support I am grateful.

Also, here is the link to my post on a new website, SuccessStory.com. It's about self-confidence:

A lot more has happened and is happening. I'll leave you with this info for now. Please keep reading--

Oh, yes. “A Big Fan of Yours” is close to completion. Look for this sequel to “A Chance to Say Yes,” and “A Wild Dream of Love” to appear in print and online in 2016. Heston is alive and—well, you know...

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