to the fictional world of
The Heston Demming Mysteries.

My name is Tina Murray. I authored this series of romantic mystery novels. Now you must meet Heston.
So,who is Heston Demming? He is my leading man, a drop-dead handsome, world-famous movie star, the sexy heartthrob of millions. Sounds perfect, right? Only on the surface--because, in Heston’s real world…

  • Mystery, romance, and danger overlap and intersect
  • Lust and heartache intertwine like lovers
  • Fame and glitz mask emotional turbulence
  • Truth is in hiding
  • Envy and jealousy whisper and conspire
  • Revenge sparks deadly consequences
  • The past refuses to die, but the future seeks redemption
  • Escape is only a sail--or a Scotch whisky—away…

If you relate to Heston’s feelings or desire to meet the rest of the cast—beautiful people who share his wealthy, tropical paradise--or simply want to fall in love--I invite you to click on my BOOKS Page. View the cool covers. Read the synopses. Perhaps, make a purchase.




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